Monday, August 4, 2008

Top Secret Magic Code Revealed

Top secret magic code is a new product to take the market by storm, it was written by Dr Jon Cohen, II who has previously written an ebook called get google ads free, I would just like to highlight that get google ads free has been and still is great success and ranks highly on clickbank. Dr Jon Cohen, II is retired
and apparently rich which doesn't
come to any surprises to me due to
the success of his ebooks and the
strategies explained within.

When I say top secret magic code has taken the market by storm, 40 hours after launch top secret magic code was positioned 12th out of over 25 000 products. WOW, sounds unbelievable but look for yourself.

* its difficult to see but I have ringed the 12 just to highlight the position of top secret magic code.

(For those who don't know what clickbank is, it is one of the leading online sellers for digital products)

Due to this and my curiosity for top secret magic code, I made a purchase. I also have Dr Jon Cohen, II "Get Google Ads Free" ebook, therefore I knew I wouldn't be purchasing a scam. Dr Jon Cohen, II Writes in a very friendly manner with elements of humour here and there, making top secret magic code an easy and enjoyable ebook to read.

So whats top secret magic code all about, the ebook is designed to teach you how to make money online using a simple code which can be added to your website, I know what you are thinking and so did I, ludicrous. Below is the code...

You didn't really think I would give you the code :) All jokes aside there is a code however I cant tell you exactly what it is and does, except make you money, however I can assure you it isn't and has nothing to do with Adsense.

Top secret magic code's sales page is very convincing (it convinced me) backed up by many testimonials. Each of which boast success with the use of the top secret magic code. Below is a sample of earnings they report.

  • $4,437.68 in 28 days (approx $158 a day)
  • $2,300 in two weeks (approx $164 a day)
  • $4,568 in one week (approx $653 a day)
I haven't posted all the figures he because I want to keep this a short and sweet but the average per day from what the testimonials state = approx $ 308, even if you only earnt half of that you would be happy.

However Dr Jon Cohen, II does promise that there is a limited offer, now I can't be sure how many or whether this is part of his clever sales letter. All I can suggest is that if you are thinking of purchasing, do it right here right now you will only regret it if you wake up in the morning, sign in, and find top secret magic code has been closed.

As with all clickbank products there is an 8 week no questions asked guarantee and one I wont be using. This means you are able
to purchase the product try it and if you are unsatisfied you can claim
your money back. This reduces the risk allowing you to sample the
top secret magic code for FREE.

For further information on the top secret magic code please click here

Personal Summary
I own top secret magic code and get google ads free, both are great products however, although shorter I personally prefer top secret magic code as I feel the secret revealed has more potential to make me and everyone else money, so I would personally recommend this product, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

For the Top secret magic code homepage click here

Good Luck in your future endeavors!

Update 31st July

Top secret magic code is growing even more taking a look at Clickbank today and i notice that top secret magic code has made its way to 7th position. Look below for proof

The popularity of the top secret code is ever growing day by day, and today it has taken over one of Dr Jon Cohen, II other products Forced money.

To take a closer look and the chance to purchase top secret magic code, click here

Update 1st August

I purchased this product 2 days ago and since then it has continually climbed the clickbank ranking each day. Today i find top secret magic code 5th, See below.

Top secret code is based around the idea of advertising but clearly states on the homepage that it is not Adsense and his is true. I can't give all the details but i can confirm this short string of code has o connection to Adsense.

The idea behind top secret magic code seems so simple and there is great potential here. It could be one of the easiest ways to make money online i have ever seen and will see for a very along time.

Visit the homepage for more information click here

Update 2nd August

Top secret magic code continues to grow and as of today top secret magic code has reached 4th in the rankings.

So far reading through many of the reviews scattered over the web i am unable to find any that give negative feedback on this product. All have been very positive and supportive of it however you never know whether they own the product or not.

Like i mentioned i purchased this product a couple of days after release and the strategies mentioned literally take minutes to set up. There are many products out there that take real computer knowledge to implement however the secret revealed is very basic and can be added by anyone. Top secret magic code is a good product and the value for price is even better.

for further information about the price and top secret magic code click here

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